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Monday 10-2

Tuesday 3-6
Thursday 10-2

Friday 3-6

Ann C Burke, PhD. is a student and teacher of evolutionary morphology, a discipline of Biology concerned with understanding the pattern and diversification of forms over long lengths of time.

Burke’s enduring curiosity about the dynamics of time and change has taken her to many remote locations. In her art, she uses collected natural objects and her own innate curiosity to explore the roles of development and variation in respect to change.

This set of three-dimensional assemblages represent a renewed relationship to these objects; a re-consideration of function, grace, ornament and simply overlooked bits of nature.

Every Monday 10:30 Mahjong

Every Thursday 10-12 Spinners

February 11 CommuniTea

February 22 Writers’ Meet-up/Group

please pre-register!

Artist - Ann Burke, PhD

SecondNature opens February 23rd.

Yoga M 9am, T 7pm, Sa 9am.

February 4, 6, 7, 11, 13, 14, 18, 20, 21, 25, 27, 28

January 2 Mahjong

January 4 Autism: a spectrum in our community

January 9 Mahjong

January 12 Spinners

January 14 CommuniTea

January 16 Closed

January 18 Writers’ Meet-up/Group

January 23 Mahjong

and Walleye on the Fly

January 26 Spinners

January 30 Mahjong

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