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Monday 10-2

Tuesday 3-6
Thursday 10-2

Friday 3-6

Vivien Stembridge's art asks us to think about childhood and memory. What do we choose to remember? How will we remember it? What will the meaning be in 10, 20 or even 50 years. Childhood, and life, are fleeting. What we choose to put on the walls of our hearts and minds can be just as powerful as what we put on our walls. Come in and join in the reflection.

Have you been reading the same old thing? Wishing you could find your next great author or genre? Come in starting January 31st to pick out a book by reading only its first sentence! Janet and Linda have diligently searched through the stacks to pick out some really great books. We know you'll be intrigued!

We saw so much growth this year! We opened in April and started keeping track of our visitors and program patrons starting in June. When we added more hours in November, even more people came in to use the library. What's next for us? Stay tuned!

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